SUKHI222 Ghana Water Projects at Northern Communities

SUKHI222 Ghana water projects at Northern communities (14)

SUKHI 222 GHANA, an NGO geared toward solving water problems has been all out in its strategic operations in Ghana, specifically at the Northern Communities in the country. As popularly known, water is life. But the sources of water in these identified communities rather deteriorate the lives of the inhabitants than being life ameliorating to […]

SUKHI 222 GHANA and Rotary Club of Tamale Partnership

SUKHI 222 GHANA and Rotary Club of Tamale partnership - water project (18)

Asaasiam Vision International believes that every child and youth must have four basic things: good food, portable water, good shelter and quality education in order to reach their full potentials. This is what forms the core of our work and also motivates us to continue doing more in spite of the harsh conditions we work. […]

SUKHI222 Cameroon Food, Health & Well-Being Project

SUKHI222-Cameroon food, health & well-being project (4)

Unofficial activities in Cameroon have begun thanks to the relentless passion of Nchoji Jobain Peter . Amid the violence of civil unrest he and his colleagues have been successful in supplying aid of Food Medicines and other essential items to over 200 displaced persons. Nchoji and his team are sharing the message of SUKHI 222 […]