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Charles Holsopple


Charles began his working career at age ten in Grady Elementary’s “Work for Lunch” program. His career accomplishments while not grand, are diverse and many continue to prove strategic. These include, US Army Orthopedic Specialist 5, ETS1975. Psychiatric Nursing Assistant, A.B. Haley Veterans Hospital, Commodity lumber trader, Licensed Massage Therapist, Artist, Yogi, inventor and Realestate Investor/Developer. In 2005 he retired and began a philanthropic career. Working quietly in unconventional ways, he explored the world, himself and his role in it. He contemplated what would awaken the collective consciousness and inspire humankind to use our knowledge and resources to best insure a peaceful prosperous society. ”


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Jason Holsopple


Jason Holsopple is a civil engineer and a progressive minded entrepreneur living in Tampa, FL. After graduating from Florida State University in 2006, Jason practiced engineering and worked in building material sales and design for 10 years. While in college, he was a founding father of the Beta Iota Chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, in which he held a couple executive positions during his tenure there. Over the last 5 years, he and his professional partners have invented and developed revolutionary technologies to improve the waterproofing and the construction of homes and buildings. Jason is currently a part owner and the Executive Vice President of Deco-Flash, a travel enthusiast, and an avid fisherman.


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David Holsopple


David currently lives in Washington, D.C., working as a cleantech consultant. While primarily focused on supporting automaker’s deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across North America, he also has deep experience and relationships in the renewable energy industry. Having been involved with Project 222 from Day 1, David is uniquely positioned to provide valuable guidance to its leadership, as well as focus to its members and partners. His passion for growing people and organizations, paired with an innate empathy and desire to help improve the lives of others, is his motivation.


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Paul Civilka


Paul is enthusiastic,devoted and motivated web developer from London. He loves creating websites and it is experienced with constructing robust company webpages and implementing corresponding coding to guarantee successful site launches. When it comes to web developing he feels like an artist, all his projects are as a blank canvas and by applying the levels of code in the layers he paints his masterpiece.