The Journey of SUKHI 222 in Reaching the World for Clean and Safe Water

SUKHI222 Distributing 22 water filters in Kikwawila village in Ifakara, Morogoro region, Tanzania

Sukhi 222 International has continued to reach out to various citizens around the world by providing water filters.

The organization recently distributed 22 water filters in Kikwawila village in Ifakara, Morogoro region, Tanzania where approximately 8981 citizens benefit including 1,386 primary and secondary school students.

The distribution of the water filters went hand in hand with the training on how to use it, where the trainer who is also a Journalist Mr. Mohammed Hammie and wash advocate Mr. Burhani Mustafa conducted the training.

SUKHI 222 staff educating the village on how to set up the filter

The training was attended by the villagers as well as the village leaders including a ward councilor Mr. Goodluck Msowoya, Village Executive Ms. Sofia Msaku, Village Chairman Mr. Shabani Salahange along with the chairman of Kikwawila sub-dvillage Mr. Hamadi Kondo.

Other members who attended the training were Donatta Mushi, Hadija Limaga, Omary Kingumbi, Saidina Faya, Issa Mkwesi and Elizabeth Kalinga.

The ward councilor Mr. Msowoya said that the water filters will be a catalyst for eradicating cholera in the village which has been plaguing them for a long time.

“Our village is suffering from cholera, it is my belief that these water filters will be a great help to the people and students in eradicating cholera,” said Mr. Msowoya.

Also Kikwawila village executive Ms. Sofia Msaku said that the water filters not only help to eradicate various water-borne diseases, but also assure the people of life through water as they have always heard that water is life without access to safe water.

Another photo of SUKHI 222 staff educating the village on how to set up the filter

“We have only heard that water is life, but that statement was not realistic about our lives as we used to drink water thinking it was clean but not safe, now we are sure to say water is life because these filters give us clean and safe water,” said Ms. Sofia.

One day after the training, members and village leaders began distributing the water filters to primary and secondary schools in the area, providing education on the use of the equipment to students and their teachers.

The water filters has also been distributed to neighboring villages in Kibaoni ward including Kilima and Lungongole village.

Image of SUKHI222 water project locations

The journey of Sukhi 222 is still ongoing to reach all citizens in need of clean and safe water in the world where so far the water filters have reached Ghana, Cameroon, Nepal, Kenya and Tanzania.

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