What’s it all about?

Charles Holsopple having a conversation with homeless man .

In a recent interview on 103.2 FM Dublin, Charles explains SUKHI 222’s meaning and introduces the nonprofits ongoing clean water projects across the world and his vision moving forward.

To listen to the interview, click the play button below. 

Charles Holsopple


Charles began his working career at age ten in Grady Elementary’s “Work for Lunch” program. His career accomplishments while not grand, are diverse and many continue to prove strategic. These include, US Army Orthopedic Specialist 5, ETS1975. Psychiatric Nursing Assistant, A.B. Haley Veterans Hospital, Commodity lumber trader, Licensed Massage Therapist, Artist, Yogi, inventor and Realestate Investor/Developer. In 2005 he retired and began a philanthropic career. Working quietly in unconventional ways, he explored the world, himself and his role in it. He contemplated what would awaken the collective consciousness and inspire humankind to use our knowledge and resources to best insure a peaceful prosperous society.

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