Planning Aid Pakistan and SUKHI222 International collaborated and inked MOU

Planning Aid Pakistan and SUKHI222 International collaborated and inked MOU

To achieve SDG 6 which is clean water and sanitation, Planning Aid Pakistan and Sukhi222 International collaborated and inked MOU. According to the MOU Sukhi222 provided 24 Sawyer filters and installation cost for successful installation of filters in schools and hospitals and other places that are deprived of basic human rights.

The aim of this collaboration was to ensure the availability of drinkable water to schools, hospitals and religious sites. Sukhi 222 is already working on SDGs projects and provides water filters to other countries. Planning Aid Pakistan aims to benefit those schools and hospitals that don’t have drinkable water. This project was initiated to fulfill the SDG

For the implementation of project team selected a small village named Dajal which is a most backward town in the Southern Punjab. It is located in the Jampur Tehsil, Rajanpur District and Rajanpur known as the most backward district of Punjab. Due to having bitter ground water, people do not have access to clean water. The main sources of water is canal, rainfall, ponds and lakes which are very polluted in these areas and people suffer from different waterborne diseases like typhoid, giardiasis, intestinal worms, diarrhea, cryptosporidium infections, and gastroenteritis. To work on such humanitarian crisis Sukhi 222 International and Planning Aid Pakistan selected this area for the implementation of pilot project.

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