SUKHI 222 Peace Initiative


“Promote and help achieve the universal basic human right of the dignified access within civil society to a minimum of 2 gallons of clean water a day, 2000 nutritional calories and 200 ft.³ of secure shelter.”

Our mission is to advocate for the dignified access of adequate food, water and shelter for the global population. To educate and enable every individual to achieve and maintain a self-sustainability in a cohesive and healthy society with others and with our environment.


Scalable, sustainable, dignified, affordable access to a minimum of 2 gallons of fresh water, 2,000 nutritional calories and 200 cubic ft of secure tenure are essential to achieving Peace and Justice and should be considered a Universal Human Right.

The essence of SUKHI 222 recognizes the need for food, water and shelter transcends all subgroups of humanity and in fact is essential in all forms of life. When these are recognized as human rights and supported by both public and private sectors the result is what must be called a CIVIL society.

We promote these goals as a universal measure and support regional multidisciplinary teams to develop systemic methodologies addressing critical urgent needs and sustainable practices to address the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.


We envision a world where all of humankind understands their role in civilized society and has the freedom to achieve.

SUKHI 222 promotes, organizes and empowers a collaborative of experts and novices, committed to improve the lives of those suffering without 222 around the world. Regional stakeholders identify the most urgent priorities locally and leverage a unified network of affiliates to raise awareness of those issues, offer guidance on methodologies for funding, and implementation of those improvements. Prioritize funding for efforts that leave the longest lasting and sustainable improvements to 222.

The vision of SUKHI 222 is to create a forum and an organization for world help and health minded corporations and individuals to connect and collaborate on the paths towards the facilitation of every man, woman and child attaining and maintaining dignified access to “222”.


SUKHI 222 is guided by our collective scientific and empathetic understanding of our physical and social environments. Truth and Justice are central to our core.

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SUKHI 222 works and provides services to support the measures to be used as factors for implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SUKHI 222 focuses mainly upon the following thematic areas for providing services.

  1. Project development and implementation in all sectors.
  2. Research and trainings for developing social and human capital.
  3. Grants and scholarships for students, young researchers and development.
  4. Consultancy services to support human and social development.
  5. Technical support to public and private sector organizations working in social, economic & human development sectors.


SUKHI 222, strongly believes in developing linkages, networks and collaborations at all levels – international, national and local – amongst stakeholders through engaging in synergies and sharing of strengths to optimize benefits to both end- beneficiaries and to the larger socio-political milieu.

While focusing on media-for- peace- approach, SUKHI 222 engages with the larger development sector and allied stakeholders to create peaceful and empowered communities through improved access to basic human rights (adequate food, water and shelter), information and education.

SUKHI 222 works with all segments of society, including youth, educational institutions, journalists, media organizations, associations and groups, universities, think tanks and research organizations, NGOs, and public and private sector authorities to defend and protect human rights and to address the issues of extremism and radicalization for creating tolerant and peaceful society.

SUKHI 222 is looking for Donors, INGOs and International Collaborators, interested to work with SUKHI 222 at international, national and local levels, all over the world; in the areas of common interest with a focus on right-based human and social development.

SUKHI 222 is also looking to connect with the best and brightest minds to work together with the existing organizations and individuals to solve the global issues using 222 as a reasonable and achievable goal.