SUKHI222 Cameroon Food, Health & Well-Being Project

SUKHI222-Cameroon food, health & well-being project (4)

Unofficial activities in Cameroon have begun thanks to the relentless passion of Nchoji Jobain Peter . Amid the violence of civil unrest he and his colleagues have been successful in supplying aid of Food Medicines and other essential items to over 200 displaced persons. Nchoji and his team are sharing the message of SUKHI 222 […]

Team Cameroon


Cameroon Albertine F. Scray (Mumzy) VOLUNTEER COUNTRY COORDINATOR Mumzy a.k.a. Albertine Scray is the CEO and founder of Mumzy Children Relief Foundation 501(c). An organization that helps the poorest of the poor in Cameroon, Kenya and USA. Mumzy provides education in full for 3000+ students, has 11 elementary schools with 22 teachers on her payroll.¬† […]