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Albertine F. Scray (Mumzy)


Mumzy a.k.a. Albertine Scray is the CEO and founder of Mumzy Children Relief Foundation 501(c). An organization that helps the poorest of the poor in Cameroon, Kenya and USA. Mumzy provides education in full for 3000+ students, has 11 elementary schools with 22 teachers on her payroll. 

She also provides supplies for 12 orphanages in the slums of Nairobi & Yaoundé, to a Maasai village in Kenya + 29 remote villages in Cameroon. 

Mumzy sponsors a medical mash unit once a year in cooperation with Dr. George Buelle- a CNN Top10 hero. (1500 patients in one weekend.)

Mumzy runs a clean water campaign where she has supplied water filters from Sukhi222 to many communities & orphanages in Africa.

In addition, Mumzy empowers communities to lift themselves out of extreme poverty through teaching them to produce and sell local products such as soap, crafts, sustainable crops and sewing.

In Central Illinois, Mumzy delivers food, clothing, blankets, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meals & Easter egg hunt events, blankets to children & communities living in poverty. Especially in Pembroke 

Mumzy runs a coffee business

In USA ‘Mumzys African Coffee’ she brings coffee from her African communities farms, sells it here in USA, each bag of coffee sold sends a poor child to school for 1 year

Mumzy is a member of the Rotary & of the Soroptimist international.

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