SUKHI 222 Peace Initiative

Sustainable, Unified, Kinetic, Holistic, Initiative 

The World is in need of a unifying message. There are over 7.7 billion people on the planet. One in seven live in extreme poverty. There is a continuous displacement of millions each year due to climate change and conflict.

In Tampa Florida, a midsize city with a booming economy, over 100,000 people rely on daily food donations.

The 222 algorithm is a unique approach to address the existential challenges humanity faces regarding the urgent need and sustainable dignified access to clean water, nutritional food and secure shelter.

It is guided by Science, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the US Declaration of Independence. We recognize the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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We use finite quantities necessary to sustain the Life one individual common to us all.

  • 2 Gallons of clean water,
  • 2,000 Nutritional calories,
  • 200 Cubic feet of Secure Shelter

We recognize these modest amounts as base minimums in sustaining one Life and that Life is a Human Right. Without 222, there can be no Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness.

We are building a movement for the purpose of uniting humankind to achieve theUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals to eliminate extreme poverty.

SUKHI 222 aims to establish 222 as primary indicators within the SDG’s whilefostering collaborative efforts that unite the worlds people,and the institutions that govern them, in the pursuit of peace and justice for all.

The vision of SUKHI 222 can only be realized through consultation of all sciences and the collaboration of all stakeholders. Transformational change is required, desirable and achievable in the ways we interact with each other and our environment to achieve a healthy population and thriving local and global economies.

We believe that if we manage Her resources wisely the Earth can provide enough food, water and shelter for those most urgently in need as well as for the 9.5 Billion people that are predicted to be present in the 21st Century.

SUKHI 222 is a nonprofit registered as Project 222. Our fiscal sponsor is the Institute For Education Research and Scholarships. a 501c3. We are in process of registering SUKHI 222 Corp as an independent 501c3.

We are seeking collaborators to research, develop programs, monitor and evaluate, market, fund raise, prepare grant proposals, engage with and become community leaders and get involved in our international network.